I LOVE film… I LOVE music… Literature, too.

I’m not afraid of the dark. If it’s spooky, altogether ooky, hairy, scary, vintage, mondo, funky, punky, sexy, lurid, hardboiled, vintage, dangerous, heart-pounding and spine-chilling, I’m interested. I create identity, logos and branding, websites, apps, posters, book jackets and covers, packaging and a whole lot more for the¬†horror, crime, rock and roll, noir, trailer trash, punk and grindhouse set.

Calling all indie horror filmmakers, rock and roll rebels, punk rock purists, writers of horror fiction, grindhouse revivalists, authentic moviehouses, lovers of true crime, drive-in theater junkies, mondo mavens, trailer trash devotees, hardboiled detectives, killer clowns, invaders from Mars and all that’s horrifying, terrifying and chilling. I’d love to talk about your project.

I have a day job as an executive design professional… But I love this work and this focus and am looking for projects that turn me on. That means I am willing to be very flexible on cost for the right opportunities.¬†Drop me a line. Let’s chat.